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Kirsten’s Corner: The One Where I Moved

written by Mike Robertson

Once upon a time there was a recovering chunky-butt named Kirsten who decided she wanted to work in a gym-o-awesomeness and surround herself with healthy, fit-minded peeps. As part of her indoctrination into the land of IFAST-dom, she was awarded an assessment that verified her strengths and weaknesses as a dormant athlete. She quickly proved herself to have the dexterity of a Weeble-Wobble. They sent their noble and optimistic warrior, Sir Jae, to feverishly train Kirsten in the art of Anti-Humpty-Dump-tery. This is her story…

WEEK 12:

moving forwardThe last couple of weeks, my life has been consumed by the joyless task of moving. And just in case you were wondering, I’ve selflessly done the hands-on research to verify that the only thing worse than moving yourself, is moving yourself in the middle of July only to have the new home decide that air-conditioning is optional. Holy mother of all things covered in layers of sweat.  Thank goodness gracious that the grandmothers are still in the old house so my offspring has a cool refuge for sleeping. Unfortunately, living out of bags and boxes is not a conducive lifestyle for making healthy food and fitness choices. I’m not emotionally eating, which is nifty. I am, however, not being proactive enough to surround myself with goal-centric options.  I’m uber-excited about hitting the grocery this weekend and stocking my fridge and pantry with earth-produced healthiness. Here’s hoping your weekend brings you everything you’re shopping for!

Living happily ever after,


  • I totally suck at letting family get-togethers justify crappy food choices. I’m attending a funeral this weekend. I will not give away my power in making good choices. May the dearly departed and my fork rest in peace. GRADE: B
  • I’m meeting with my doc’s nutritionist next Tuesday. I will log food with accuracy to ensure I maximize the appointment. GRADE: A


  • Get Old House on the market and organize a kitchen in New House so I can feel empowered to control my cooking/dining environment.
  • Track. Track. Track. Share food log with Jae.


  • Moving sucks.
  • My back and hip pain re-emerged this past weekend when moving.  I set up an ART appointment with Bill, he did his people-travel-from-all-over-the-world-to-see-me-cuz-I-rock thang, and voila – I’m back to zigging instead of zagging. Heckayeah! Having Bill’s savant-ish talents and blessings so easily accessible at IFAST is an amazing resource. My down time was minimal and I’m back to rockin’ my program. ((Cue confetti))

Kirsten’s Corner is a weekly blog post written by Kirsten Shaw to document her health-fit journey. It is intended to offer humor and inspiration and should not be misconstrued as medical advice or the opinions of IFAST.

Mike Robertson

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