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IFAST Physical Therapy for Sciatica

Do you want to live a lifestyle that involves enjoyable exercise, favorite activities, and family time free of sciatic pain? If you’ve been told that you can’t, there still may be a solution. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by taking advantage of our free consultation. What will happen if you don’t?

“I have had off and on issues with sciatica over the years. This last case was no different, except that 20 minutes after walking in the door and Bill assessing the situation, not only had my flexibility increased, but the pain was completely gone. I tell everyone that I know a guy who’s freaky smart about the human body.”


Larry S.

Have you been told:

Your ONLY option is surgery. There’s NOTHING more we can do for your pain. Physical therapy WON’T help you You need to STOP exercising!

X-rays, MRI’s, and Other Tests

Arthritis and even some disc herniations are often incidental findings and just typical age-related changes and not the source of pain. Just because you have leg pain DOES NOT mean you have sciatica!

Before You Consider Surgery, Exhaust Every Option

Not all physical therapy is the same. IFAST Physical Therapy will show you the difference for FREE.

You May Not Have A Sciatica Problem but rather a Sciatica Result

There are relationships throughout your body that can alter the way you move that place excessive or prolonged stress on your body that results in sciatica.  The IFAST Physical Therapy total patient evaluation is capable of identifying these relationships compared to the physical therapy you may be familiar with. Once these relationships are improved and your movement is restored, sciatic pain often improves immediately or just goes away.

Getting Fit and ReFIT While You Recover from Back Pain or Injury

Quite often, IFAST Physical Therapy patients are able to continue with their exercise programs while they rehab and recover. When it’s time to get back to the gym, IFAST Physical Therapy will supervise your comeback and make sure you return to the gym safely and effectively at no additional cost to you.

Sciatica is over over-diagnosed in many people with radiating leg pain. If you’re unsure whether you fit the diagnosis of sciatica or have sciatic nerve pain, you can call and request the ebook, The IFAST PT Sciatica Solution: How to Quickly Cure Sciatica without Surgery for free.

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Experience the IFAST Physical Therapy Difference for FREE

If you’ve had pain for a long time, It is difficult to believe that there’s a solution to your back pain. It’s also difficult to believe that IFAST Physical Therapy is different from any physical therapy that you’ve experienced before. IFAST Physical Therapy will show you the difference at no cost to you. Schedule a free consultation with IFAST Physical Therapy. We’ll discuss your concerns and literally show you that day how quickly you can change for the better.

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