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Is pain preventing you from returning to your sport or your active lifestyle?

We specialize in return to life and return to sport programs for those who think they’ve exhausted all of their options.

Have you been told:

  • Your ONLY option to resolve your pain is surgery.
  • There’s NOTHING more we can do for your pain.
  • Your ongoing pain is CAUSED by arthritis, a herniated disc, or some other structural change identified on x-ray, MRI, or another diagnostic test.
  • Physical therapy WON’T help you.
  • You need to STOP exercising!


Rest assured that

  • You can feel better and get back to your normal activities.
  • You may not need surgery to resolve your pain.
  • You can continue to exercise while you rehab your injury.
  • Your MRI may have nothing to do with your pain.
  • Your tight hamstrings are not the cause of your back pain.
  • IFAST Physical Therapy can help you where other PT has failed.
  • IFAST Physical Therapy will check with your insurance provider for you.

IFAST Physical Therapy specializes in cases like yours that are more chronic or may seem more complex. Even if you’ve been treated in physical therapy before, IFAST Physical Therapy will show you the difference at no cost to you with a free injury consultation.

Would you like more information on:

Back Pain?

Knee Pain?

Shoulder Pain?

Sciatic Pain?

Neck Pain?

Call to schedule your free IFAST Physical Therapy Injury Consultation

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