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The Crockpot: An Excellent Tool For Healthy and Great Tasting Meals

written by Zach Moore

“I do not have enough time to make healthy meals.  And even if I did they never taste good.”

How many of you have these same thoughts when considering to eat healthier?

It is a very common response from my clients and friends.  I get asked many different questions from people who have fitness goals and many times these question relate to eating better.  Unfortunately, many people believe that healthy food is expensive, tastes bad, and takes too much time to prepare.

That is why I want to talk to you about an essential tool in your kitchen that will make it much easier to eat better – the crockpot.

Crockpots are an excellent way to save time, save money, and make great-tasting, healthy meals for yourself and your family.  Many recipes simply require some type of meat source, vegetables, a base, and some spices.  You simply add all of this to the crockpot and turn it on.  You can then head off to work and come home to a delicious meal that takes no time to serve.


There are also a ton of different meals you can make from this combination.  Try adding different meats, vegetables, spices, and/or bases.  This list of possibilities will keep you from getting tired of the same meal.

If you are struggling with ideas I highly recommend checking out George Bryant’s website, Civilized Caveman.  He has a ton of excellent recipes for the crockpot – just look under the tab “Crockpot”!

In fact, my wife and I have been trying out new recipes from his eBook, Caveman Feast, which I highly recommend.  For a limited time, it is being offered for $19.95, which is 60% off!

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I wrote a post a while back about how I think a great goal for anyone wanting to improve their health and well-being is to try one new recipe a week.  This is a great goal to develop go-to recipes that taste great and are great for you.  George’s site and eBook are great resources for this goal.  Some of my other favorites include:

The Foodee Project


So if you have a crockpot bust it out and get to cooking healthy and simple meals!  Trust me, it will make your fitness and health goals much easier to attain.

Let us know in the comments if you have any favorite crockpot recipes.

Zach Moore

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