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Start Your Transformation by Showing Up

written by Bill Hartman

Inertia is sometimes difficult to over come. Getting started on a new program is hard. Getting RESTARTED can be even more difficult.

Maybe you’ve been working on your fitness program, your diet, or you’re taking part in the Fit by the 4th Challenge at IFAST. Maybe you’ve missed a couple of workouts or fallen off the wagon with your diet.

The “excusitis” can set in.

“Well, I just ate a huge bowl of ice cream, I may as well not stick to my eating program the rest of the week.”

“I got busy and missed two workouts this week. What’s one more missed workout.”

Making positive changes in your health, your fitness, and your physical appearance or performance is all about habits. Life gets in the way sometimes, but it’s our habits that keep us on track.

When you don’t feel like working out or sticking with your eating plan, do what James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, calls mastering the art of showing up.

So you missed a workout. Don’t miss the second one.
So you overate at lunch. Eat your planned meal at dinner.

We understand that there are times where you just don’t feel like working out. Maybe you slept poorly or have other stressors weighing heavily on you. A while back, I wrote about how good workouts are more important than great workouts. Well, sometimes BAD workouts are even more important than great workouts.

A bad workout means that you mastered the art of showing up. You maintained the habit that will get you where you want to be. That is infinitely more important than your next ring of the PR bell.

So, whether you have a great, good, or bad workout today, congratulations for showing up.

If you’d like to start your fitness program or get back to your fitness program but are limited by pain, fill out the form below to request your FREE IFAST Physical Therapy Injury Consultation. You can speak with our physical therapist at no cost and get started on your comeback to the gym. In many cases, we can find ways to get you exercising while you recover from your injury!

Bill Hartman

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