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Fit by the 4th Challenge

Who Else Wants to Tone Up, Lose Weight and Look AWESOME By the 4th of July?

Like it or not, summer will soon be here.

And you know what that means:

Tank tops.

Short shorts.

And of course, swimsuits.

And if you want a sure-fire way to get into great shape by the 4th of July, then we’ve got something you’re going to love…

Introducing the IFAST “Fit by the 4th Challenge”

We all know that working out hard and dialing in the diet are the keys to losing weight and burning body fat.

But here’s the thing:

The working out part is easy (well – relatively easy), but the nutrition piece can be really tough.

This is why bodybuilders and fitness models don’t look “competition ready” year round.

They can train hard all the time, but keeping your diet dialed in every single day is darn near impossible.

But what if we took four weeks out of your life to crank up the intensity of your workouts?

What if we dialed in your nutrition, and made sure you were eating the right things 90-100% of the time?

How do you think you’d look and feel in just four short weeks?

Chances are you’d be feeling pretty darn AWESOME!

“Mike – Tell Me More About the Program…”

First and foremost, it’s all about dialing in your training and nutrition.

You can’t have one without the other.

Every person who signs-up for the Fit by the 4th Challenge will receive a complimentary copy of Mike Roussell’s Metashred Diet book.

This book is phenomenal because it not only educates you on the best practices for fat loss, but it gives you detailed meal plans as well.

Once you determine which “Zone” you’re in (which takes all of about 2 minutes – and we can help if you get stuck!), you simply follow the meal plans outlined for you in the book.

Instead of counting calories, weighing and measuring foods, or hoping to “get your macros right,” all you have to do is follow these meal templates and you’re good to go.

Does it get any easier than that?

Plus, when you sign-up for our Fit by the 4th Challenge, you also get UNLIMITED ACCESS to our Athletika group training classes.

These classes are offered daily here at IFAST, and are the fastest and most effective way to lose weight and get toned up for summer.

But here’s the really cool thing about this program….

I’ll GUARANTEE Your Results…

Here’s the thing – I hate when someone promises the world with regards to results, and then fails to deliver.

I’m so confident that you’re going to see results with this program that I’m willing to offer the following guarantee:

Go through the program, and train with us three times per week for four weeks. Dial your nutrition in, and follow the meal plans provided.

If you do all that and don’t lose weight and/or body fat, then I’ll not only refund your purchase, but I’ll DOUBLE your money back!

I guarantee no one else in town is going to give you a double-your money back guarantee, so you have literally nothing to lose by giving our challenge a shot.

And I almost forgot to mention – one lucky person is going to win $500 in cold hard cash for their hard work!

I will give you all the details later on, but suffice it to say that we’re 100% committed to your success.

I’ve Heard Enough Mike – I Want In!

If you’re serious about getting into great shape this summer, simply follow the links below and get signed up.

Once you’re registered, we’ll add you to our private Facebook group, and order your copy of the MetaShred Diet book.

We’ll also reach out to get you signed up for your first Athletika group training session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want the details on the contest – can you tell me more?

If you’re interested in winning the $500 cash prize, here’s how we’ll determine the winner.

First and foremost, we’ll be doing weekly weigh-ins and measurements. This will include:

  • Classes attended,
  • Total inches lost on waist (by percentage), and
  • Total weight lost (by perecentage).

Going by percentage makes sure that we have an even playing field regardless of where you’re starting from.

And second, we want to make sure that attendance is counted, because we want to reward you for your hard work!

Last but not least, if you want a chance to win you need to send in a “Before” picture when you start, as well as an “After” picture upon completion of the contest.

Mike – can you give me all the nitty-gritty details?

Of course!

This contest will run from Monday, June 3rd, through Monday, July 1st.

Everyone who enters will get UNLIMITED access our Athletika group training classes.

All classes are offered at IFAST, 9402 Uptown Drive, #1600, Indianapolis, IN 46256.

What Are You Waiting For? This Deal Won’t Be Here Forever…

Whether it’s the chance to get in rocking shape, the double-your money back guarantee, or the chance to win some cold-hard cash, our Fit by the 4th is a can’t miss event.

And this part is really important…

To make sure everyone is accounted for and ready to start on time, this awesome deal will only be available through Friday, May 31st.

So please don’t delay – get registered TODAY, before it’s too late!

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All the best,



Mike Robertson
Co-Owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training

P.S. – If you have any questions or concerns about the program, or if you’re not sure if it’s a good fit for you, please reach out to us!

Whether it’s an email to [email protected], or a call at 317.578.0998, we’d love to discuss this in more depth with you.