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Recipe of the Week: Perfect Pulled Pork

written by Zach Moore

This will be the first of many “Recipe of the Week” articles, which will highlight a recipe that one of our trainers and/or clients have tried and recommend.


This week’s recipe is courtesy of intern, Liz Messina.

Perfect Pulled Pork – Slow Roasted, Seasoned & Sa-vor-y!!!

Liz made a bunch of this recipe and was kind enough to let a few of us try it.  Everyone I know that tried it, including myself, loved it!

It doesn’t need anything at all.  Most pulled pork recipes still require BBQ sauce or some other condiment to give them enough flavor, but this needed nothing added.

It tastes great and you can also make a lot of it to save for future meals. If you have a lot of leftovers simply freeze what you will not eat in the next few days.


This is how I save a lot of time on meal preparation, and I recommend others to try and do the same.  I will make a bunch of meat, veggies, potatoes, etc., and freeze what I will not eat in the next few days.  If I have a whole lot I will freeze these in batches and pull them out as I need them.

As we all know, protein is very important, and many of us are not getting enough.  Therefore, if you are looking for a great-tasting way to add more protein into your meals try out this pork recipe.  It is excellent.  Thanks, Liz!

If you have any favorite recipes that we should try out let us know in the comments.

Have a good week!

Zach Moore

  1. Liz shared this recipe with me about 2 weeks ago and I made a batch last week. It really is very good and easy to prepare. I marinated the pork shoulders in the brine throughout the day and then put it in the oven to roast throughout the night. By 9 AM the next morning ( I had about 21 pounds of bone in raw meat), the meat was finished. Do as the recipe says and save some of the rub to sprinkle into the meat before serving. Also, I highly recommend saving ALL of the drippings to remoisten the meat when you are reheating. It really is a great recipe! Thanks for sharing Liz!

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