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IFAST Client Spotlight: Monica Moehring

written by Zach Moore

I am really excited to introduce you to IFAST client, Monica Moehring.  Monica is super fun to work with – she is always energetic and loves being challenged.  Because of her attitude and awesome work ethic she has made great progress (check out the video below).  I will let her tell you more about that.  So here is Monica.

Monica is in the middle with two other IFAST clients.
Cathy, Monica, and Lisa after their 5k.  All three are IFAST clients.

Monica, can you start out by telling us a little about yourself?

I’m originally from Illinois, but I’ve lived in Indianapolis for 8 years now and I initially moved here because my sister & brother-in-law live here. Since then I’ve gained a nephew & niece that I love spending time with. I work as a commodities broker, which can be pretty stressful at times, so I love to workout to relieve all that stress. I also love going to rock concerts, traveling, and watching college football & basketball. I attended the University of Illinois so I’m a big Illini fan, which isn’t too popular around here!

What brought you to IFAST?

In January of 2012 I purchased a Groupon for a month of bootcamp classes at IFAST. I was really bored with my current workout routine which consisted of running on the treadmill & using weight machines at the local gym. I just wasn’t seeing any results or improvements, so I thought it might be time to try something different. I immediately loved bootcamp, so I signed up for a membership once my Groupon was done. Then, when bootcamp ended in September, I decided to give the semi-private personal training at IFAST a try to see if I could build on my success from bootcamp. I believed in the IFAST philosophy & loved the people there, plus the thought of going back to my old gym & working out alone again really didn’t appeal to me.

How has your experience been so far?

I have been extremely happy with my training at IFAST! The results I’ve seen are phenomenal. I was nervous at first to make the switch from bootcamp to personal training because I had gotten so comfortable in the bootcamp setting. But, the trainers and interns immediately made me feel comfortable. It took a while to get used to the more controlled pace of strength training because I had been used to the fast pace of bootcamp. At first I didn’t feel as though I was getting enough of a workout because I wasn’t ready to collapse at the end of my sessions. But now that I’ve adjusted, I realize that slowing things down and performing more focused movements can be just as beneficial to improving my strength. I still try to get in a couple of bootcamp sessions a week on my own just to get some added cardio benefits.

Even though I’ve only been training for 4 months I’ve been able to see some real progress and that only makes me hungry for more. I love pushing myself and the people at IFAST are so supportive and encouraging.

Recently, I injured my finger and couldn’t perform some of the exercises on my program, so my trainer immediately wrote me a new one with modified movements. I didn’t miss a beat because of that and I’m still right on track to hitting the goals I’ve set for myself. In addition, I’ve gotten rid of some shoulder & low back pain since I started with IFAST. I had surgery for a herniated disc back in 2010 and I’m now able to sit at work with much less pain, which is such a relief!

Overall I feel much stronger and more confident in myself, which I think has also carried over into my personal life because I recently began dating another IFAST client, so I probably owe them a lot!

What makes IFAST different from other gyms you have been to?

Just about everything! First, they start by giving you a thorough personal assessment to determine any weaknesses/problem areas. This allows them to specifically tailor a workout for MY needs, not some general program for the masses. Second, I get personal attention every time I’m in the gym, which I feel is invaluable. I know that the trainers at IFAST are professionals who can help guide and/or correct me to make sure I’m performing each exercise properly. Their knowledge and motivation are so important to my success. Once I schedule my sessions each week it makes me excited to head to the gym because I know it’s going to be fun and that I’ll be making REAL progress. Third, I also get a new workout every 4 weeks so I never get bored and my body is always being challenged.

It’s pretty hard NOT to succeed at IFAST. If you’re consistent you will see results, probably sooner than you think.

Finally, what do you feel like has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

Being able to do a chin-up unassisted! When I started bootcamp over a year ago it became one of my goals because I hated not being able to do them each time our instructor put them in our workout for the day. Back in December I was finally able to do 3 consecutive chin-ups. Also, I recently signed up for a Tough Mudder obstacle course race in May. A year ago I never thought I’d be strong enough to attempt a race like this, both physically & mentally, but once I mentioned it to my trainer he encouraged me to sign up for it & said I would “crush” it. I hope he’s right!!

I know you will crush it, Monica:)

Thanks so much for the interview!

Zach Moore

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