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Heard around the gym this week: Rodney M, Cathy R, Ann M edition

written by Jae Chung

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things after my two-week vacation to the Rocky Mountains. We took tons of photos and will be posting them online, probably sometime around 2018. (I’m not great with social media.) Here’s a sample of some of the funnier things my clients have said this week, making me feel welcome in my first two weeks back:

Rodney M: I made sure to give Lance a hard time when you were gone on vacation.
Me: Yeah?
Rodney: Yeah, I was just joking, but I said, “You ain’t nothin’ compared to Jae.”
Me: Hahaha, what did he say?
Rodney: He just made everything harder!

[I later confirmed with intern Cody that there was a session in which Lance added a bunch of weight to all of Rodney’s exercises, eliciting a “Are you trying to kill an old man?!” from Rodney. Rodney, you aren’t that old!]

Remember my post about how split squats bring out the most creative complaints? Well, front-foot-elevated split squats are even more fun. Cathy R was lucky enough to have those on her program this month and set this when I was trying to talk to her after a set: “I can’t hear you over the screaming of my thighs!”

Me: How are you doing today, Michael?
Michael: I’m doing great!
Ann M: Don’t ever tell Jae you’re doing great. He adds weight to all your exercises.


Jae Chung

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