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Consistency Is The Key To Achieving Results

written by Zach Moore

“Well, I already ate one cookie and messed up my diet so I might as well indulge in another one.”  How many of you have thought or said something similar to yourself?  I am willing to bet many of you have.

It is very common for us to rationalize poor choices after we have fallen off the path.  We assume that one little mess up will ruin the day’s or week’s efforts so we might as well just forget that week or day and get back on track the following week.

This is a terrible idea!  You must understand that the most common trait among successful people is consistency.  People who lose a lot of fat or build a lot of muscle are consistent in getting to the gym, eating well, and taking care of their bodies.  This does not mean they are 100% compliant all the time.  They may mess up every now and then or indulge a little here and there, but the key is that they get right back on track.

You must get over the mindset that fat loss, muscle gain, or a healthy, fit body is a quick and easy path.  It is not.  You must continually work at it and understand that the more consistent you can be the easier you will be able to achieve that goal and maintain it.

Some people are able to achieve amazing results very quickly but often fail to maintain them because they practiced “extremism”.  They did not learn to make their efforts and choices sustainable.  They went all out toward their goal without learning along the way.

Like I said, all of us are going to make mistakes and have hang-ups along the way to our goals, but if you can be consistent, then you will get there.  Do not let small hang-ups ruin the rest of your day or week.  You must enjoy the experience and then get right back on the path to your goals.

If you need help maintaining your motivation and/or need accountability then consider coming to see us at IFAST.  Our trainers work with no more than four people at one time, and therefore, maintain very close relationships with their clients.  They will help you build a path and stay consistent on it to reach your goal(s).


Zach Moore

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