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Coaching Jump Landing Mechanics to Prevent ACL Injury

written by Bill Hartman

Sometimes a “fix” to prevent an ACL injury is a simple as the athlete understanding how their body moves and creating awareness of their movement technique with proper coaching.

Sometimes the emphasis needs to be on improving strength, power, and endurance via the overall training program. Once these elements are in place, however, the “how” to move for improved performance and injury mitigation is just as, if not, more important depending on the athlete.

In my blog regarding the dynamic assessment to prevent ACL injuries, I discussed some differences in landing mechanics that can influence the risk of an athlete suffering and ACL injury. I also mentioned that there are differences between male and female athletes that may increase the risk of ACL injury in our female athletes.

In today’s video, IFAST Athletic DevelopmentĀ Coach, Erik Huddleston offers a live example of how a female athlete may be coached through a progression of activities to improve jump landing mechanics.



Bill Hartman

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