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Bad to the Bone: Osteoporosis and the Case of the Falling Mother

written by Mike Robertson

by Kirsten Shaw

Last week, the folks at American Recall Center emailed me an osteoporosis infographic and invited me to share it with y’all. Which is really kind of a coincidence being that over the last few months, osteoporosis is something that has escalated from getting 0% of my dedicated brain activity to being a daily part of my family’s world.

Some of them there medically-educated peeps might describe osteoporosis as a condition where the bones become weak or brittle. Me though? I’d skip over the bone-part of the description and just call it a pain the badonkadonk.

a colorful spine (Via
a colorful spine

A few months ago, my mother went on a vacation in Arizona. Her first night there, she was pushed by the kharma fairy for not taking me with her slipped on a ceramic tile, fell, and ended up with a compression fracture of her T12 vertebrae. One of our IFAST clients who’s also a doctor told me that Mom undoubtedly has osteoporosis. But her fall didn’t merely break part of her back; it broke her day-to-day life.

Months later and Mom is still in physical therapy a couple times a week, her daily tasks remain a painful chore, and on a personal level, Mom’s compromised quality of life serves as a blatant reminder that I must prioritize exercise for my own health and well-being.

I’m beyond grateful that Mom had trained at IFAST for two years before she fell. Despite their scientific accuracy supreme nifty-ness, I don’t need one of those Magic 8 balls to know that Mom’s training not only minimized the potential of what could have happened, but has also improved her recovery time.

I’m also filled with ThankYouBabyJesus gratitude knowing that if when someone I care about gets hurt again, IFAST and IFAST Physical Therapy have the tools and talent to get us back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

So put me in coach; I’ve got some bone strengthening to do.


Mike Robertson

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