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Why are you guys more expensive?

written by Mike Robertson

One question I get from a lot of interested parents with regards to our sports performance training is this:

Why are you guys so much more expensive than other sport-performance programs?

It’s a great question. And rather than avoid it, or act like price isn’t an issue, I’d love to confront it head-on here in a blog post.

To begin, I hate to say it, but we need to look at quality versus quantity.

If you’re paying $10 or $12 for a session, do you really feel like that’s a high-quality coaching program?

Do you really feel as though your child is going to get the time and attention they deserve if they’re thrown into a class with 10, 15 or even 20 other kids – often of varying ages and abilities?

Let me be frank: I have no desire to compete with anyone on price. If you want cheap, you could get a $20 membership at Cardinal Fitness and go wild.

Instead, at IFAST, we pride ourselves on quality.

Every young athlete who walks in the door gets a total-body assessment.  This often takes close to an hour as we assess their posture, movement capacity, injury history, etc.

After we’ve determined what they do (and don’t!) do well, it’s program design time.  Each and every athlete gets put on a program that’s not only custom-designed to address their inefficiencies and imbalances, but one that will help them improve at their specific sport while simultaneously developing them as a well-rounded athlete to boot.

After all, good movement is good movement – it’s no wonder that good all-round athletes are also the ones who are most successful in a wide-variety of sports!

Finally, coaching may be the most critical factor in the entire process.  We ensure that there are never more than 3 or 4 athletes working at one time with a coach.  Doing so ensures that everyone who comes into IFAST is coached and cued appropriately, allowing them to truly maximize their potential.

At the end of the day, do you really want the cheapest option for your child?

Are you prepared to sacrifice the quality of their training for quantity?

If the only thing you’re basing your decision on is price, then I’ll admit, IFAST probably isn’t the ideal fit for you and your child.

However, if your goal is to give you child the best possible training and coaching experience, we may be the perfect fit!

Give us a call today at 317.578.0998, or e-mail us at [email protected] to discuss how IFAST can help take your child’s performance to the next level!

All the best


Mike Robertson

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