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What is Neutral Spine?

written by Mike Robertson

Neutral Spine(Photo courtesy of Bony to Beastly)

If you’ve trained at IFAST for any extended period of time, chances are you’ve been subjected to one (or all) of the following:

  • The cue “ribs down,”
  • The cue “head back,”
  • The cue “push yourself away” or “lengthen your arm,” or the worst
  • Someone placing a PVC pipe along your back.

Believe it or not, the goal of all of these cues is the same: To get you into a neutral spinal alignment.

When you’re in a neutral spinal alignment, not only is your spine happy, but quite often, the rest of your body as well.

Neutral spine is important in almost every exercise you perform as well.

It keeps your back healthy when squatting and deadlifting.

When performing exercises like rows and push-ups, it makes sure you’re stabilizing correctly and using the right muscles to produce the movement.

Here’s a video I shot with young Lance a few years back which describes how we get clients into a neutral spinal position.

Whether it’s a cue, using the PVC pipe, or some combination of the two, if we can get you into a neutral spinal position your body will thank you!

All the best



Mike Robertson

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