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The Key to Health and Fitness Success… Your Habits

written by Bill Hartman

Think about how you start your day.

If it’s a workday, I’m guessing that it starts out almost the same way every day.

You drink your coffee.

You eat a little something.

You brush your teeth the same way.

You towel off after a shower the exact same way.

You put the same leg in your pants first every day.

It’s pure habit or even a ritual of sorts.

These types of habits or rituals are time effective and conserve tremendous amounts of energy.

Imagine if you had to think your way through these activities every day.

You’d be tired before you even got to work.

If your goal is to maintain an active lifestyle, manage your body weight, or simply to look and feel better, your exercise and supportive eating programs can be just like your morning habits.

Recommended habits for fitness success:

1. Sunday night you put your gym bad in your car so you don’t have to remember it Monday morning for your Monday afternoon workout.

2. If you train at IFAST 3 days per week, take the same time of day that you workout on non-training days to do your meal preparation for your other days, so you don’t need to worry about staying on your supportive eating program.

3. Stick your sleep and wake times to assure that you are full of energy for exercise and for your brain to make better decisions. Brain fatigue results in missed workouts.

4. Support you IFAST Family members by showing up to support their workouts. Helping someone else helps you succeed.

If you’re having trouble establishing and keeping habits to support your active lifestyle or fitness goals, read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear ( It’s required reading for all IFAST staff.

You may also want to review my prior blog on SMART Goals and DUMB Processes.

I’ll see you today at IFAST!

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Bill Hartman

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