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The IFAST community gets better and better

written by Jae Chung

Thanks in large part to Kirsten’s efforts, the IFAST community keeps growing — and keeps getting better. We have a new Facebook page that current IFAST members can join. It’s a place to share videos, congratulate each other on PRs, and all that fun stuff. The best, though, is ogling pictures of Ty wearing the new pink ladies’ tank top that we just got in stock. I think Ty would shoot me if I post it here, so you’ll just have to join the Facebook group to see it!

Other event highlights:

Next Girl’s Night Out: Friday, October 24th at 6:30pm Hella’s Cafe. RSVP to Kirsten by 10/20. (Kirsten has promised me that men can attend — if they dress in drag. Any takers?)

Other news from around the gym:

This week I saw Bill Hartman restore a client’s knee mobility with a few breathing exercises. If I remember the history correctly, the knee had been giving the client problems for around 10 years. Bill never touched the client’s knee. The client said something like, “I knew everything [in terms of posture] was connected but that was amazing!”

(Relatively) new client Robin S. graduated to the trap bar! Woohoo! So did Marcy M! … and possibly other clients I’m forgetting about. Sorry, clients improve so fast it’s hard to keep track.

Cody the intern and Bill are both out this weekend to attend continuing education courses. Lance, Ty, and I are all working toward more certifications in nutrition and coaching. Mike is out of the country to teach a seminar. I’m proud to work with so many people who pride themselves on working relentlessly to become better at what they do!

Cathy R just started a new job that she got through another one of our clients, Michael E. Congrats, Cathy!

See what I mean about IFAST community being awesome?



Jae Chung

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