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The Great Outdoors

written by Lance Goyke

Sunlight is a wonderful thing.

I even love the snow, but the vibrant colors you are able to see when their isn’t a cloud in the sky is magical. It’s no wonder that people start to get sad during the short days and long nights of winter.

Given the change in weather, it was great to see a bunch of people working their tails off outside.

Morning client JS even came in and pulled the sled while protecting herself from the UV rays with the coolest hat ever.

JS with Sun Hat

And when I say pull the sled, I mean she went FAR.

Where'd she go?

I know the view out the back isn’t pretty, even in the sun: the road is slanted, cars drive by, and there’s a barbed wire fence that surrounds a glowing orange (sometimes green) pond behind us. I encourage you, however, to give it a shot. We do it at Team Training all the time!

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Grab a partner, go out back, and get sweating! If I can’t see your sweat outline after you lay down on the ground, try again.

Lance Goyke

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