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The 3 Essentials in YOUR Fitness Program

written by Bill Hartman

The essential foundations to any fitness program, sports training program, endurance training program, or any other physical program are really quite simple. It will always come down to three things.

1. Exercise in a manner required to allow you to do the things you want to do

2. Eat to support your goals and provide energy to do the things you want to do

3. Recover effectively so you’ll improve and continue to do the things you want to do

After that, it will come down to finding what works for you. If you ask for advice from enough people, all the answers, quick weight loss tricks, fads, exercise tips, diet hacks, and blind recommendations you’ll get cancel out to zero. 

You should eat carbs vs. you shouldn’t eat carbs.
You should do interval training vs. you should do longer endurance training.
You should do static stretching vs. you should do dynamic mobility exercise.
You should life maximal weights with lower reps vs. you should lift moderate weights with higher reps.

So ultimately, it’s going to come down to what you need and like enough to do consistently and what works for you. After 11 years as a nationally-renown fitness and sport training facility, we already know this. That’s why we don’t rely on cookie-cutter fitness programs for our clients.

We focus on the process. 

Here’s how it works at IFAST.

You come to see us for the first time, and we lead your through an industry-leading assessment process that teaches us things about you. These things lead us to provide you with a program that begins the process to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be (aka, Your Goal).

Your first program is where you start. So you start. You show up because it’s part of the process.

Then like any good relationship, we ask questions (the execution of your program) and pay attention to the answers (your progress). Then we adapt and upgrade YOUR next program and the next and the next.

No one is exactly like you.

No one else lifts your weights for you. No one else eats your meals.

We don’t compare you to anyone.

It only matters what you think about you, if you give a good effort, and whether you’re the best version of yourself today. 

It’s a process.

You’re one workout or one meal closer to your goal. You just raised your game a notch. You’ve just extended your playing career. You’ve just created more energy for the rest of the day. You’ve just set a better example for your kids.

You’re officially winning on your internal scorecard.

See you at IFAST.

What’s interrupting your ability to do the things you want to do this summer?

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Bill Hartman

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