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Thanks to Dave Tate and EliteFTS!

written by Bill Hartman

As you may have been aware, our Prowler was stolen not too long ago.  Since then we’ve done exceptionally well with out it, but we did miss it because it’s such a useful tool for our sports-specific conditioning and weight loss programs.

Even our members who are not so fond of some fat loss exercises think the EliteFTS Prowler is a blast.

Well, anyway, Mike Robertson made a call to Dave Tate and asked if he could rush us new Prowler for our appearance on the local morning news show (December 15th on Fox 59).

Dave came through for us in a very big way.

The great thing about the Prowler is that it can be used in a number of ways making it a very versitile tool.

We’ve used it for:

Aerobic training

Speed training

Heavy pushes and pulls for strength or muscular endurance

Anaerobic Interval Training

Fat Loss Programs

Recovery between maximal effort or muscular endurance training session

General restoration

We put it right to good use as soon as we got it.

Thanks again to Dave Tate and Elite Fitness Systems for helping us out.

Bill Hartman

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