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Something to Watch: Kelly McGonigal TED Talk

written by Lance Goyke

Today’s “Something to Watch” is about stress.

We’ve been told all of our lives that stress is bad. I mean, check out this infographic on how it affects the body.

How stress affects the body


Think about that guy in your office who is ALWAYS there, but hasn’t gotten a raise in years. He lives on coffee and the approval of others. He only has a minute to toast a Pop Tart before he leaves for work. Take it from him: stress wreaks havoc on the body.

But there’s a TED talk I want to share with you that talks about how to make stress your friend. The presenter is a health psychologist from Stanford University.

This short talk obviously doesn’t paint the whole picture of stress, but it’s a good reminder that not all stress is bad.

If I have stress to deal with, there are a few ways I handle it. Sometimes I like to get a workout in. Sometimes I meditate. Sometimes just laying down and catching up on the last meal I missed is all I need to feel great again.

How do you deal with stress?
Check out the video here.


Lance Goyke

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