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Something to Read: The Willpower Instinct

written by Lance Goyke

I recently finished a new book that I think a lot of you would enjoy.

Written by Kelly McGonigal, a Stanford University psychologist, The Willpower Instinct is based around a course she offers on the subject where students pick a willpower goal they would like to accomplish during the semester. She has amassed data as a researcher through peer-reviewed studies from herself and others, as well as anecdotal evidence from her students as they trial-and-error their way to success.

The biggest reason I’m recommending this book to everyone is because it’s full of actionable steps. It’s too easy for a writer to leave you with nothing to take home, but McGonigal does not leave you stranded.

She goes through many pitfalls to which we, as humans, are susceptible. Have you ever decided to go off your diet because you felt so good about the hard workout you just made it through? Or have you ever snuck in a few chocolates and decided, “What the hell, my diet’s already ruined,” as you gorged on the rest of the bag.

If you find yourself low on willpower, pick up Dr. McGonigal’s book.


Lance Goyke

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