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Something to Read: The Truth About Overeating

written by Lance Goyke

Today’s Something to Read was posted on my blog last week, but I wanted to share it with the IFAST community in case you missed it.

Dr. Cassandra Forsythe has been a nutrition voice in the fitness industry since I started following it almost ten years ago. When she tells me how to eat, I listen.

If you’re following the Master Kirsten on Facebook, you may have seen her mention a new product out by our long-time client and friend Molly Galbraith. If you haven’t met Molly, she is a dedicated individual, driving back and forth to IFAST from Kentucky so that she can learn and grow with us. Molly enlisted Dr. Forsythe to write the nutrition program to her new product! Small world, eh? This alone tells me that Cassandra is the real deal.

Living up to the standards I have for her, she wrote a great post that discusses the psychology of overeating. What scenarios are going to make you eat more? Read the article to find out.

The biggest reason I wanted to share this piece with you is because nutrition cannot be overvalued. The fuel you put in your biological machine is paramount to accomplishing your health and body composition goals. Make diet be one of your strengths, not a weakness.

Lance Goyke

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