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Sciatica… Wrong Diagnosis,Wrong Solution

written by Bill Hartman

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In cases of true sciatica with the symptoms of leg pain extending below the knee and typically extending across the ankle, patients may experience some changes in sensation, mild movement impairment, or associated muscle weakness. The focus is on attempting to maintain normal activities as much as possible, achieved through a concept called graded exposure.

Graded exposure is simply a measurable, often professionally-guided, and progressive program of movement and activity based on your current movement limitations and level of conditioning.

Sciatica is often over-diagnosed in patients with low back pain with pain radiating to the buttock or the thigh but stopping above the knee. There may be no neurologic signs and a straight-leg-raise test may exacerbate the low back pain but not exacerbate the nerve for pain. Prolonged conservative care or surgery are inappropriate in this case of wrong diagnosis, wrong solution. Treatment should consist of physical therapy and a return to an active lifestyle. there are often mechanical relationships in the body that can be

Many times there are mechanical relationships or movement limitations in the body that may influence the symptoms. The IFAST Physical Therapy evaluation is specifically designed to identify these relationships that may be promoting a painful movement experience and limiting your active lifestyle.

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