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Results from the 2nd IFAST Powerlifting Meet

written by Lance Goyke

When I got home Saturday night, my mom immediately asked, “Who won the powerlifting meet?”



Everyone was full of applause on the busy day. I was glad to see new AND familiar faces in the crowd. Putting on these powerlifting meets was a great idea. And the big boss Mike Robertson deserves some props for putting on such a smooth meet.

Here are the results sorted by weight class. And I even calculated Wilk’s values for Lyn Jones, which are a method of calculating the best lifter of the meet that takes into consideration strength relative to your body weight instead of just asking who got the biggest total. Wilk’s values don’t take into account age.

Here’s to many more meets in our future! I’m already excited for the next one.

Lance Goyke

  1. Hi, when is there going to be another full meet? I can’t seem to find any full powerlifting meets in the indianapolis area on powerlifting watch.


    • Hi Alex –

      Our next meet is scheduled for July 26th. Registration will open June 1st. It’s a co-ed unsanctioned event. Later that afternoon is our 6th Anniversary Party. I hope you can make it! Thanks – Kirsten

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