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Personal Training in Indianapolis for Free at IFAST

written by Bill Hartman

Summer’s coming.

Bathing suit season.

What’s your plan to be ready for the pool, the beach, or wherever you like to spend your time?

You probably know that we’re always out to prove to Indianapolis why we have the best the best sports training, weight loss program, and personal training in the city.  To make sure you’re ready for summer and beyond, we’ve got a plan to keep you in shape year round, and if you play your cards right, you can get a whole lot of free fitness training too.

Since we opened Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training we’ve always had a standing offer to anyone who wanted to try out our training services and experience the productive, friendly, and success-driven atmosphere of the IFAST gym.  The offer goes as such…try us for 14 days for free as full member of the gym.  You’ll be assessed like a real member.  You’ll get an individualized training program specifically for you and your goals just like a real member.  You’ll get six free fitness coaching sessions over your 14 days just like a real member.  You’ll experience success just like a real member. 

The reason we do this is because we know you think that all personal trainers, strength coaches, and gyms are all the same.  You think they use the same techniques, the same equipment, the same programs, the same lack of progress for their clients, etc. 

We’ll prove you wrong every time.  We treat you like a member from day one because we know that you’re not going to want to workout anywhere else after your first day at IFAST.

Since summer is coming quickly, we’re going to outdo ourselves to make your decision on where to invest in yourself easier.

For anyone signing up for a full year membership, we’re going to give you an additional three months added to your membership.  No jumping through hoops, no fine print, and no pressure. 

This is the equivalent to getting an additional free training session each week of your membership.

Now you have two ways to get free personal training and change your body and life for the better.

Oh, there’s one more way you can get free training here at IFAST.

We still have an opening for the IFAST Transformation Challenge that guarantees you 3 months of free fitness coaching and nutritional couseling and could get you as much as 6 months of free full membership including your coaching sessions.

Call us at 578-0998 to get started now.

Bill Hartman

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