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On WISH-TV’s Indy Style: Strength Training at Any Age

written by Mike Robertson

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Janice?

JaniceWhen I saw Janice was turning 88 at the end of this month, I knew we had to do something special to celebrate. So when Indy Style invited our strength coach, Jae Chung to discuss strength training with aging clients, I knew there was no one more perfect to model her rockstar-mojo than our octogenarian birthday girl!

As explained by WISH TV:

After a trip to the ER, Janice found herself needing some help getting back to the simple tasks in life that used to be much easier for her. So with the help of IFAST and trainer Jae Chung, she’s regaining her strength and momentum in life! Take a look at the techniques and learn how they could help you or a loved one in your life!

Thank you for being such a great testimonial and super star, Janice. And Happy Birthday!

Mike Robertson

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