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Lesson 1 for Faster Progress: Consult an Expert

written by Bill Hartman

Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word Expert.

There’s a lesson coming, so bear with me here.

The Gorgeous One bought a new dimmer switch for the light over the dining room table. She is not an electrician nor has she worked as one. She is, however, an intelligent and strong-willed human. 

Did I mention that she’s not an electrician? 

Surely, she’d have no trouble changing out simple switch.

Power off for safety.

Screwdriver in hand.

Uh, oh. 

Wrong switch.

Uh, oh.

Wrong wire.

Uh, oh.

One shock resulting from forgetting to turn off the power after a series of frustrating attempts at the rewiring required for the “correct switch.”

To her credit, she did actually get the new dimmer switch installed… AFTER she consulted with an expert professional. The installation took three days and ten minutes. The three days was a determined woman working diligently to accomplish something on her own. The ten minutes was the AFTER she consulted with the expert. 

The Lesson

We all have this tendency to believe that we can accomplish many things without the assistance of an expert.

While we are sometimes successful, we often end up with experiences equivalent to doing our own dental work. It looks so easy when he scrapes my teeth with that little metal hook, right?

Changing your body and improving your health for the better appears easy too.

Unfortunately, there is so much confusion when it comes to what is best for you.

An expert eliminates the confusion.

An expert understands your frustration.

An expert provides effective objectivity and coaching.

An expert keeps you healthy and provides safety.

An expert keeps your individual needs in mind at all times.

An expert finds the way for you to be successful.

An expert saves you valuable time.

You get to decide what’s best for you and how long it will take for you to write your success story.

We can tell you how our coaches regularly provide education to trainers all over the country.

We can tell you how we are hired consultants to professional sports teams in MLB, the NBA, MLS, and the NHL.

We can tell you that we travel to Europe and even China to provide trainer education.

You can come into IFAST and see our professional, college, and top high school athletes prepare for their seasons.

You can come to IFAST and see people just like you who were once limited by pain exercise like they never thought they’d be able to ever again.

Our New Years Challenge saw our clients lose a total of 165 pound and 170 inches in just 28 days!

We can tell you that we are the experts at IFAST because we have the people and the stories to prove it every day. 

We’d rather show you by helping your write your success story.

We’ve made it easy for you to get started.

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