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Lance’s Update: Guitar Day is Friday

written by Lance Goyke

Hey everyone!

We’ve been having fun all week. And by “we”, I mean EVERY HUMAN EVER.

Check out this picture. We had so many people in yesterday morning to hang out and make themselves better. It. Was. Awesome.


Taken 9/16/2014

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I just wanted to use this as an opportunity to tell everyone how much fun I’ve had these last two weeks. I’m going out with a bang this weekend, being not only myself, not only Jae Chung, but also Ty on Friday.

To make the long day even more fun, I’m bringing in my guitar on Friday. Any of you clients who can play¬†are required to come in and show me the groove.

Come in, have some fun, and do some serious work on your body.





P.S. It’s not like the week ends on Friday. I’ll be in Saturday, too.

Lance Goyke

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