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Kirsten’s Corner: The One About Loving Your Body

written by Mike Robertson

Once upon a time there was a recovering chunky-butt named Kirsten who decided she wanted to work in a gym-o-awesomeness and surround herself with healthy, fit-minded peeps. As part of her indoctrination into the land of IFAST-dom, she was awarded an assessment that verified her strengths and weaknesses as a dormant athlete. She quickly proved herself to have the dexterity of a Weeble-Wobble. They sent their noble and optimistic warrior, Sir Jae, to feverishly train Kirsten in the art of Anti-Humpty-Dump-tery. This is her story…

WEEK 18:

A few years back, I upgraded husbands and married a man who makes me feel beautiful and celebrated on many levels. I feel ever-so blessed to have a guy who perfectly craves my imperfect body. That said, I know that part of the reason that he loves my body is because *I* love my body. Even when I weighed 296 pounds, I never let my size get in the way of me getting my groove on. But it’s like I told my first husband when we were arguing about the existence of God:

Let’s pretend you’re right. Let’s say there is absolutely no God; it’s all one helluva fairy tale like Cinderella or Jack and his Jolly Green Giant’s beanstalk. If at the end of my life, my faith has inspired me to make stronger, better choices, filled with integrity and compassion, what is the big freaktastic deal?

love your body

My point is, this premise is EXACTLY why we should be wearing a big ol’ fuzzy grand marshal hat in our personal “Yay Me” parades. What different choices would you make in your day-to-day life if you woke up one morning and abracadabra, you were suddenly the smartest, sexiest, leanest, strongest, most successful, unstoppable peep in town? I say, make those choices anyway! Then, if at the end your life, we find out that you’re some putrid oozing pile of worthless goo? So. What. If you filled your cup-o-life with better choices, inspired by empowering confidence and faith in yourself? No harm. No foul.

Oscar Wilde once said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”  May we all be in the mood for love.

Living happily ever after,


  • Hit the store and all else required to maintain my status of She Who Plans Her Meals and Is a Food-Logging Ninja. GRADE: A-
  • Conditioning on my off-days. GRADE: B+


  • Weigh no more than twice a week and break my habit as a scale-hootchie
  • Sleep a minimum of 6 hours a night


  • homerexercising

    While I was training on Wednesday, Jae was adding reps and weights like an unmedicated madman. I told him I was going to have a t-shirt made that said, “I’d Rather Be At My Desk.” He suggested we try to figure out how to transform my workspace into one of those wacky treadmill desks. Careful what you wish for…

  • People are actually reading my posts! Thank you for the great feedback in the gym and online.

Kirsten’s Corner is a weekly blog post written by Kirsten Shaw to document her health-fit journey. It is intended to offer humor and inspiration and should not be misconstrued as medical advice or the opinions of IFAST.

Mike Robertson

  1. I love your posts!! This one really called to me this morning as I haven’t done anything about exercising except looking at bodies that I wish could be mine.. Wishing isn’t working as well as I thought LOL!!

    I do wish I lived in your state – I’d love to train there… I’m seriously thinking of scheduling a one day training session wth Mike though because I’m not getting any younger, and I’d like to get up in the morning and feel like I did when I was a kid – pain free…. You inspire me …

    Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hey Laura – Thank you for your kind words. Where do you live? I would love for you to come to IFAST so I could meet you and we could inspire each other!

      • I live in CA. I am coming to visit my daughter in September in IL (she’s getting married) and have thought about scheduling a consultation there since I’m in the area (sort of LOL).

        I did order the Bulletproof Athlete program from Mike, but I think I really need someone to assess me and tell/show me exactly what I need to do (and definitely meet you too 🙂

        • BPA is a robust program. I’m so happy you invested in that! And you’re right, Illinois is *MUCH* closer than California. Give me a call (317/578-0998) if I can help you arrange anything! Thanks! – Kirsten

  2. Hey Kirsten,
    Great talking to you today. I just read your posts and they are as funny as you are live! I am so happy to be joining the IFAST group for a year of fun and hard work! Wait – did I just say *fun*? Yes, working with Zach, Pete, Lance and well…everyone, really is fun, even if it is hard work. But it is so worth it.

    • Yay Wendy! You crack me up. Who knew working those muscles could be so much fun, eh? I’m looking forward to the day when our paths actually cross in real life!!

      Jughugs, Kirsten

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