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Invest in Yourself

written by Lance Goyke

Our co-owner Bill was out of town a few weeks ago for a continuing education opportunity in Atlanta. Meeting with many good friends and learning from the best in pain science is a good time when you’re Bill Hartman. This was shaping up to be a fantastic weekend.

Then he walked back to the car to find it had been broken into.

Computer, iPad, gone. So much lost in an instant. I hope to never be in his shoes, seeing (or more specifically, not seeing) my hard earned money disappear.

When he told us, I freaked out for him. I’ve been a victim of theft before, and I know how it can suck the wind out of your sails. But he was so calm. Maybe it was because he had other tasks to distract him, good friends around him, and people who were going through what he was (his wasn’t the only possessions stolen).

I would bet, however, that there was a more important reason. Bill is a prime example of how to invest in yourself.

A thief can take your computer, television, motorcycle helmet – whatever – but he can’t take your body and mind.

If Braveheart had been about petty theft

Money is necessary, yes, but your overall worth is hardly measured by the cash you have in your possession.

Assimilate every piece of knowledge you can. Take care of your body. Experience life. Those things are way safer than anything you buy in a store. Not to mention more rewarding.

Lance Goyke

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