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Indianapolis Weight Loss Specialists

written by Bill Hartman

Because our gym’s name is Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training, many people think that we only train athletes.

Not so.

I was talking with my friend Joe Stankowski ( this past weekend, and he’d asked what type of clients we were working with.  I proceeded to list off quite a variety of clients from professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and high school athlethes participating in our sport-specific programs, post-rehab clients coming back from serious injuries, and busy executives and soccer moms participating in our weight loss and fitness programs.

I told him that the one thing that ties all of our clients together is their attitude.  Everyone that comes to our gym brings with them a serious “training mentality”.  In other words, they have a specific fitness goal in mind, and they are committed to achieving it.  You’ll never see one of our clients coasting through a workout.  Our clients don’t like to waste time.  They want to be successful and our fitness programs have the track record to get them where they want to be.

Here’s just one example.

Mrs. K. was a lot like other women who had tried and failed with many weight loss programs.  She’s worked with several trainers in several locations in and around Indianapolis.  In looking back, it wasn’t that she lacked the necessary effort to achieve her goal, but rather, she lacked the appropriate technology.  She lacked the synergy required to put the nutritional components and the exercise programs together effectively.

Over recent months, she’s committed to an effective weight loss diet plan and gives some of the best effort of any of our Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training fat loss program clients with her exercise program.  We couldn’t be more proud of her progress.  At last check she’s down 4 clothing sizes and still going.

Ask yourself…how will you look and feel in three months if you commit to one of our weight loss programs?

How will you look and feel if you don’t?

Bill Hartman

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