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Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training Success Story

written by Bill Hartman

If there’s one thing that sets IFAST apart from every other fitness center, weight loss program, or gym in Indianapolis, it’s the fact that all of our clients are serious about their goals.

I challenge you to find a better atmosphere than what we have at IFAST.  On any day, you’ll see athletes performing their sport-specific training programs training right along side of our weight loss program clients or a powerlifter.  While at first it doesn’t seem like this can possibly be effective, it works because all of our members have one thing in common.  They all work as hard as possible to make progress every time they step into the gym.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re male or female.  That one commonality of truly making the effort necessary to be successful makes IFAST one of the Top 10 Gyms in the country according to Men’s Health Magazine and the best training center in Indy.

If there’s one guy that personifies what I fast is all about, it’s Matt M.  Matt’s been with us since December and from day 1 there was no doubt that he fit right in.  Matt brings an intensity to his training that easily compares to the hardest working athlete.  His results speak for themselves.  Way to go Matt!

Matt on day 1
Matt on day 1
Matt today!
Matt today!
If you’ve tried to achieve your fitness goals before but have come up short, you need get started at IFAST today. 
We make it easy for you to “test drive” our gym and our training system by giving you a free, complete physical assessment, a free individualized fitness program designed specifically for your goals, and six free fitness coaching sessions.  You’ll experience real results faster than you ever expected.  We’ll prove it for free.  No obligations and no questions asked.  You have nothing to lose.

Bill Hartman

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