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Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training Fat Loss Program: Client Wisdom

written by Bill Hartman

Our 6 a.m. fat loss training group was really inspiring today.

We have the benefit to work with a broad spectrum of high level athletes who work on sport-specific conditioning, speed training, strength strength training, and other performance-related programs.  We see some truly amazing feats of strength and sports performance.

But the people that consistently impress me, are our clients who take it upon themselves to change their bodies for no other reason than to make themselves feel better, look better, and get healthier.  They don’t have the promise of a gold medal for winning a competition or a big bonus check to drive them harder in their workouts when their motivation is low.  They don’t have the excitement of competition to push them to do an extra repetition, lift an extra pound, or do one more round of interval training to lose a little more body fat.  Yet, they work just as hard as any athlete we train.

I thought I’d share a little bit of the wisdom that passed between the members of our morning fat loss training group.  It was a great morning and this information is priceless:

  • I’d tried to fight against making the changes that needed to be made to achieve my goal.  Finally, I just committed to my weight loss plan and made this my lifestyle and that’s when my weight loss really took off.
  • Portion control is the key.  Until you realize just how big the portions you’ve been eating, you don’t realize that you overeat.  I bought a food scale and it’s made all the difference.
  • A serving size is how much you should be eating based on your weight loss plan, not how much you are served.
  • You may be eating all the right foods, just in the wrong proportion.
  • You can’t out-exercise a bad weight loss diet.
  • I write down everything that I’ll eat each day in the proper portions, and that’s all I eat that day.
  • I can’t exercise outside as much because of the cold weather, but I will find a way to be consistent.  No excuses.
  • I know I can work harder.


Bill Hartman

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