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IFAST Podcast #7 – The Evolution of Continuing Education

written by Mike Robertson

Continuing education is a critical piece of any professional’s growth.

But where do you START with con ed?

And how that process evolve over the years?

In this episode of the IFAST podcast, Bill and I talk about:

  • Our initial forays into continuing education,
  • The role of seminars – including the best type of seminars for both beginners and seasoned vets,
  • Why the Intensive is in many ways “The Anti-Seminar,”
  • The different types of knowledge you build and accumulate,
  • Why there’s more to con ed than simply accumulating knowledge,
  • The value of deep work and focus in your target activity, and
  • How masters evolve from mentees to mentors.

This show is jam-packed full of great info, and I truly hope you enjoy it!

All the best,

Mike Robertson

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