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IFAST Golf Testimonial!

written by Bill Hartman

Bill and Mike:

I came in for an assessment and program last year and wanted to give y’all an update on my progress.

I’d been having hip pain/tightness along with pretty severe back pain and was looking for some help to relieve these issues.

I figured I needed more flexibility/mobility, but within about 5 minutes Bill knew it was a stability issue in my left hip along with a breathing issue (needed to expand my right chest area to get more air into my right lung–i.e. get rid of the slumped LL Cool J look).

After 12 months of beginning every training session with 10-15 minutes of Bill’s stability protocol, I have never felt better.  And my golf this past year was as good as it’s ever been.  My year started out on a good note with a second place finish in my first “big” tournament.  I posted a couple more top fives before breaking through and winning for the first time in August.  That win got me into the U.S. Mid-Amateur tournament in Houston, Texas.  Though I didn’t play as well out there as I would have liked, it was a great experience and one that I hope to build on this year.

I’ve modified the strength and conditioning portions of my workout to keep things fresh, but have not strayed from the program’s outline. During this time, I also left my job to start a new business and, despite this added stress and time demands, I have never felt so motivated to train and practice. 
It’s obvious to me that this is due, in large part, to feeling healthy for the first time since college.

Thank you for the help, I wouldn’t have been able to work as hard as I am without traveling to Indianapolis and getting my body in order. Plane ticket, hotel room, and IFAST charges were money well-spent.

I give you guys my highest recommendation and hope to come back soon.  My only complaint is that you guys are located too far away-

Hope this finds you each doing well.

Trip Smalley

Bill Hartman

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