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IFAST Featured Client: Alison Chestovich

written by Mike Robertson

Alison Chestovich has been an IFAST client since August 23, 2008. And to say her time here has been amazing would be an understatement.

Alison is one of those people that just gets it. A breast cancer survivor, she underwent some fairly major medical procedures in April and July of 2011, and has only been back in the gym “full-time” for the past 6 months. She credits Bill for getting her ready for surgery, and Zach for her progress since then.

Her primary goal when coming to us was to get stronger. More specifically, she had a simple goal: To perform one full chin-up.

Over the course of the past 3 years, Alison has made some remarkable changes to her body.

With programming from Bill and coaching from Zach, Alison has seen her bodyfat drop 6%, from 27 to 21%. And during that time, she’s actually gained 5 pounds of muscle, which has totally changed her physique. She’s visibly leaner and more muscular.

Beyond the body comp changes, Alison has made some serious improvements in her strength as well.

While her goal upon arrival was to perform 1 chin-up, last month she set a new personal record of 3 chin-ups.

She also hit a new PR in the deadlift a few weeks back, cracking the 200 pound barrier. She was even nice enough to let us throw up a video, which you’ll find below.

Alison is just a remarkable person to have in our gym, and someone that exemplifies everything that we’re about at IFAST. When I think of Alison I think of hard work, dedication, and work ethic.

The bottom line is Alison rocks, and we wanted to sing her praises here. Great job Alison!

All the best


Mike Robertson

  1. I am Alison’s father and I could not be more proud of her. She is the best daughter a father could have. I love to work out too. That said, I cannot do a 200 # dead lift but I am going to try. Thank you for working with her and enabling her to always reach her maximum potential.

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