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IFAST Client Spotlight: Lucia Carter

written by Zach Moore

Happy New Year’s everyone!!  Today, I would like to introduce you to an IFAST client who has made huge strides in getting out of pain and getting back to what she loves doing – Lucia Carter.

I have been working with Lucia for a little over six months now, and she has made major improvements.  I will let her tell you about that, but I am very proud of her accomplishments.

Lucia, can you start off by telling us a little about yourself?

I’ve been married for almost 4 years and have an awesome sixteen year old daughter.  I am a Relocation Management Consultant specializing in healthcare, and office relocations.  I move a lot.  I am a very high energy person that likes to go non-stop, to a fault. I love doing projects (around the house), I love to read, I love to move, and working out is a must to maintain energy and positive thinking!

What brought you to IFAST?

I have had neck and low back pain for YEARS. I finally had a discectomy on my neck (5-6) which was awesome. However, my low back pain became increasingly worse. I continued to work out, ignoring the back and left side pain.  I went back to my orthopedist and had another MRI, X-rays, and cortisone shots. I had tried another ‘physical therapy clinic’ and the massages were nice but the program encompassed balanced exercises on my body. My body was out of balance so this method didn’t work… I gave up and continued to suffer.  Although I was diagnosed with arthritis in my low back, it didn’t explain all the pain. My orthopedist suggested I just ‘try’ IFAST. She explained it was a different approach to pain, not chiropractic, more isolated exercises. Of course, we all put it off and I did too. But, the cortisone shot didn’t last long and I desperately wanted to find something that would turn around my downward spiral. I was at the point that I couldn’t sleep through the night.   It hurt to walk, sit, and stand.  I was always in pain. I was miserable.

How has your experience been so far?  Don’t be nice either – let us know the truth. 🙂

Overall, my experience has been AMAZING. Please don’t take my comment lightly. I was out of pain within 3-4 weeks. I struggled with intermittent neck and back pain for about 3 months after starting at IFAST. However, the pain was new and different. My body was working through change. Today, I’m happy to report I don’t have the low back pain, and can stand for longer periods of time.  I’m stronger, my skinny legs now have shape, I am also back to being able to run!

What makes IFAST different from other gyms you have been to?

HA, HA! Different?  IFAST practices continually (daily) to understand the physiology of the body, exercise dynamics, and develops training programs specific to each individual. I no longer am working on pain. I’m working on strength and cardio capabilities AGAIN. I love everyone at IFAST. Everyone is a friend and we all have an appreciation for everyone in that gym, it’s a level of respect for great training from great trainers.

Finally, what do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

The perfect push-up with weight!

Thanks so much, Lucia!  You have made awesome progress and we loving having you in the gym!  And, as Lucia’s coach, I can say that she does have an awesome push-up! 🙂

Zach Moore

    • Thanks for the comment, Vivian. Feel free to email or give us a call anytime if you would like to visit our facility or learn more about our programs.

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