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I Just Want To Lift!

written by Lance Goyke

The week of our 2nd powerlifting meet is upon us. And the clients are getting antsy.

They may be antsy, but at least they're listening!

Most of the work has already been put in. My job now is not to get you stronger, but to let you realize that strength. If we looked at a long-term periodization plan, this would be called the Realization or Transmutation phase. Most Americans know it as a taper week.

It’s a concept known as “supercompensation”. The idea is that training continually breaks you down. You need rest to allow those gains to be observed.

I’ve decided to make a beautiful graph to illustrate this point. Art. (This may have been inspired by my visit to the Eiteljorg Museum today.) Fatigue masks function

This law of supercompensation is why it feels like you’re not doing anything this week – you’ll be doing a lot on Saturday. Doing little in the short-term allows you to perform better in the longer-term.

I also want you to be confident in your lifts. There should be no missed lifts in the gym this week! Everything should be easy, light, and fast, though some who are less confident in their abilities may need to work up a bit higher than the others with more experience.

As intern Brodie Quinn put it today, “This is more of a sports psych class than a gym today.”

So rest up! Saturday is just around the corner and the day will fly by. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Lance Goyke

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