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How to overcome Your “I don’t have time” Excuse

written by Bill Hartman

You Really Do Have Time

We’ve all used a lack of time as an excuse for not finishing something, not doing something that someone else wanted us to do, or not doing something we know we should do.

I get it. We’re all busy and probably tired too.

The reality is that if we look at our behaviors over a day or a week, we’ll see that we can almost never use a lack of time as an excuse.

I’ll pick on smartphone use as an example because it’s really easy to do. 

There was a study a couple years ago that looked at a couple thousand people that determined that on average, this group of people looked at their cell phones 80 times a day. In many cases, it was reported that many couldn’t go 10 minutes without looking at their phones. Ten percent of the people in the study looked at their phones 300 times in day.

Each glance at a phone is time.

[Note:  email and social media run a close second to stealing your life]

Every have to pee really badly?

I mean REALLY badly. The teeth floating, can’t even talk for fear of wetting your pants kinda have to pee really bad?

We’ve all been there.

Ever not pee in these circumstances because you just don’t have time?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So what’s the point?

The point is that it’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of priority.

Gotta pee right now? You make it a priority to get the bathroom like your life depends on it.

Taking care of yourself is THE priority. Period.

If you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t take care of anyone else. You won’t have the energy to do your best work. You won’t be able to manage your emotions when you need to the most. You’ll make a bigger deal out of things that don’t matter. You’ll set a poor example for your children who are learning how to be a good human by observing every one of your actions.

Your priority list:

1. Physical health – exercise, healthy eating, and proper sleep

2. Emotional health – work hard at something you enjoy or are passionate about but then recuperate with leisure, pure down time, and spend time with family and friends

3. Spiritual health – meditation, religion, philosophy, community, and help someone else

4. All the other stuff

If you’re recovering from an injury or working to resolve a painful condition, you do have time to your rehab exercises and activities.

If you’re transforming your health or your body, you do have time to get to the gym and get your workout completed as planned.

The IFAST Fit by the Fourth Challenge crew is in full swing, but you don’t need a formal challenge to keep you or to get you back on track. 

It just needs to be your priority.

We’ll see you at IFAST this week for your next workout. 

IFAST is nationally-renowned and ranked as one of the top fitness and sports training facilities in the country. Even if you’re limited by pain or injury we have a solution to start your personal comeback today!

Bill Hartman

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