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How to get back to doing the things that you love – Return to Play

written by Bill Hartman

One of the mistakes that we often make as we return to doing something physical that we enjoy after an injury or after pain has resolved is to assume that the absence of pain indicates that we are ready.

In the case of athletes recovering from injury or surgery, this is referred to as return to play. As far as IFAST is concerned, we are all athletes in some sense even if our favorite physical activity is playing with our kids or working in our garden.

We all must move well and have energy to do what we love to do.

Too often, we rush back to our sport or our favorite physical activity because we generally feel good. However, when fitness is lacking, it can set us up for another bout of pain or even result in another injury.

That’s why we take return to play so seriously at IFAST.

After rehabbing an injury, our athletes raise their fitness levels to their sport-specific needs and then some. This makes them not only capable of their best performance on the field or court, but it also makes them more resistant to injury.

Our IFAST Physical Therapy patients get free ReFIT training to assure that they understand how to safely reintegrate their personal fitness program to mitigate the risk and make themselves more resilient to avoid reinjury.

You don’t have to be coming off of an injury or physical therapy to benefit from raising your fitness levels. We want you to keep doing what you love to do. That means showing up and investing yourself every week. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing progress in your personal fitness whether it be feeling the increase in your energy or surpassing your previous strength levels.

Your comeback starts today. We’ll see you at IFAST!

If you’ve got a young athlete coming back from injury, contact IFAST to get them ready for their sport today.

If you’re dealing with pain or an injury that’s keeping you from getting back to play whether it be a sport or your fitness program, call IFAST Physical Therapy and set up your free injury consultation. We’ll show you how quickly you can change for the better.

Call IFAST at 317-578-0998, email us at [email protected], or simply fill out the form below. See you at IFAST.

Bill Hartman

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