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HOW to continue exercising while you rehab your injury!

written by Bill Hartman

Question: I read your blog entitled “3 Reasons to Keep Exercising While You Rehab an Injury” with great interest. I’m nursing some knee pain that has progressively worsened while doing my usual cross-training workouts, but I’m trying to exercise around it with varied results. I understand the importance of continuing to exercise, but my challenge is that I’m not sure how to go about it. Do you have any answers for me?

Signed, Frustrated and Fit but Broken

Pain and injury can certainly put the damper on an exercise program or a active, fitness-based lifestyle.

Try as you might, there are times where you slowly take away more and more of your go-to activities because you can no longer tolerate them due to accumulating pain or a nagging, chronic injury.

It becomes a double-edged sword when you understand that your fitness enhances your rehabilitation outcome, but exercise is making you feel worse. Even when you’re well-educated in the ways of exercise and fitness with years of exercise experience behind you, trying to come up with a viable solution to continue to make fitness progress becomes like trying to do your own dental work.

“How to” solutions are always difficult. Sometimes we need some objectivity that the right coach can provide, or maybe we just don’t understand all the constraints that influence our problems.

Two of the most common questions I get when one of my patients reaches the end of their treatment is “Can I exercise?” and “What do I do now?”

Because this is not a two-minute conversation, my solution was to write All Gain, No Pain (it’s free!) to guide fitness enthusiasts back to the gym and a more active lifestyle while protecting them from future pain and injury. But there’s still that group of fitness enthusiasts and athletes that want or need to keep up their exercise programs while nursing issues like shoulder pain, lower back pain, or knee pain.

What about those that need a solution to the “How do I keep exercising while I rehab my [insert your area of complaint]?”

The solution is IFAST Physical Therapy ReFit.

IFAST PT ReFit is coach-supervised, physical therapist-approved adjunct to your regular physical therapy program with no additional cost to you.

ReFit will help IFAST Physical Therapy clients:

  • Refine the execution of your rehab activities
  • Maintain and improve your general conditioning and fitness
  • Maintain and even increase your overall strength without pain
  • Increase your understanding of how to train around your injury
  • Improve your exercise technique to prevent future injury
  • Show you how to integrate your new understanding into your program
  • Get you back to your best in an even shorter period of time
  • Protect you from reinjury commonly associated with returning to exercise

If you’re in Indianapolis, start your comeback from pain or injury with the free IFAST Physical Therapy Injury Consultation. You’ll see how quickly you can change for the better and regain your fitness faster.

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Bill Hartman

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