Here's What Men's Health Magazine's Adam Campbell Thinks of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training - Indianapolis Fitness And Sports Training

Here’s What Men’s Health Magazine’s Adam Campbell Thinks of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training

written by Bill Hartman


So you most likely already know that Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training was named to Men’s Health Magazine’s Top 10 Best Gyms (see the September issue on news stands now).  Well, MH’s Fitness Director and author of the upcoming Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises (which includes program contributions from both Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman) wanted to see first hand how we work and what we can do. 

It seems Adam had a couple issues that he just couldn’t get resolved and needed a little help.  I’ll let Adam tell you in his own words:

If you live in driving distance of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of IFAST’s amazing offer for a free assessment. In a matter of minutes, Bill Hartman not only diagnosed the cause of my nagging hip injury, but he had me walking away pain-free after just one visit. That’s right: After one session, an ailment that was causing me significant pain for the last 2 years—when I stepped in and out of my car and did exercises such as the side lunge—completely vanished.

Was it magic? Of course not. Bill understands human anatomy better than anyone I’ve ever met—keep in mind, this is a list of experts that includes hundreds of orthopedists, sports medicine doctors, university researchers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and professional strength coaches—and he uses this knowledge to treat the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. But even better, Bill also knows how to design a timesaving total-body fitness program that repairs and upgrades your body from head to toe. This eliminates the muscle imbalances and weaknesses that lead to neck, shoulder, back, hip, and knee pain, and that also limit your ability to lose fat and build strength.
The truth is, we all need help in these areas. Maybe you work a 60-hour a week job in which you sit in front of a computer all day. Or you’re a stay-at-home mom who hasn’t had time for exercise. Or perhaps you’re an athlete—whether a weekend warrior, or at the high school, college, or even professional level—and you want to raise your performance to all-new heights. Regardless of who you are or what you do, the chances are very high that your body has broken down somewhere. Trouble is, you may not even know it yet. Many muscle and joint problems take their toll over a number of years, and by the time they’re noticeable enough to compel you to take action, most of the damage has already been done.

Is your body falling apart? Could it be better than it is now—stronger, leaner, faster? Why wait to find out, especially when you can get a full functional assessment for FREE? I’ve been working in the fitness industry for more than a decade, and this is by far the most valuable offer I’ve ever seen. Forget the promises you see on late-night infomercials, this is the real deal. So do yourself a favor—do your body a favor—and schedule an appointment at IFAST as soon as possible. Trust me: It’s rare to find a fitness team that packs the mind-power and experience of Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson. They’re the best in the business, and people in Indianapolis are lucky to have such an incredible resource.

Adam Campbell, MS, CSCS
Fitness Director, Men’s Health


Bill Hartman

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