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Good Reads For The Week: November 13th

written by Zach Moore

It is time for another edition of “Good Reads For The Week”.  This month it is a bit of a mash up of multiple topics, but I think you will enjoy them.  Hope you are having a great week!


Hacking Sleep on the Precision Nutrition Blog.  One of the most common complaints by my clients is that they have a hard time with sleep.  And, unfortunately, good sleep is a must if you want to get stronger, leaner, more athletic, or just feel better.  Poor sleep may mean you have a hard time falling asleep or that you have trouble staying asleep.  In either case, this is a great article that shares tips that may help you sleep better.

Sleep and Genetic Obesity Risk by Stephan Guyenet.  This is another interesting article that reviews some new obesity research.  It is another piece of evidence that many people have a harder time keeping slim and why you should focus on a good night’s rest.

How We Get Fat by Lyle McDonald.  This is a fairly old article, but it does a great job explaining how we gain fat.  A lot of articles and “experts” make us believe that there are magic pills and quick-fix solutions for losing weight, but this is just not the case.  Moderation, consistency, and time are what will allow you to shed those unwanted pounds.

5 Steps to Becoming a Flexible Dieter by Armi Legge.  I am a big fan of this site and this approach to eating well.  It is called flexible dieting, and even though I despise the word “diet”, I really enjoy the steps that Armi lays out.  This is a common approach I take with many of my nutrition clients.

“Hey, You’re Fat!”  Problem Solved by Dr. Kwame Brown.

Dr. Kwame M. Brown

This is a pretty interesting article, but what made it really good were the last four solutions the author poses.  If nothing else read the last paragraph.  I do not necessarily believe his solutions will solve the “problem”, but they are definitely a good start in the right direction.

This Is Water – a commencement speech by David Foster Wallace.  If you don’t know anything about Wallace don’t look him up until you finish watching this.  He provides a great message than can really improve how you perceive things. Thanks to IFAST client, Dave McCavoy for sharing this with me.

Zach Moore

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