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Get the Best Indianapolis Personal Training for FREE

written by Bill Hartman

Most people really do want to be in the best shape of their lives.  Many of those think that it’s achieveable on their own, yet they never take the correct steps to reach their goals.

Truth be told, the one’s who think they can do it alone are few and far between.

If you really want to be successful, acheive your weight loss goal, increase your vertical jump, set a personal record in your powerlifting competition, you need two things.

A coach and the ideal environment.

Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training guarantees both.

We’re so confident that we’re going to let you try experience the difference for free.

We still have a couple slots for our IFAST Transformation Challenge.  Enter it and you get 3 full months of free training and nutritional consultation.  Win it and you could end up with half a year of free personal training and coaching at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training.

Not interested in the IFAST Transformation Challenge?  That’s okay too. 

You can still get a FREE 14-day membership that includes a complete functional assessment, your personalized fitness program, and 6 coaching session.  It’s absolutely no cost to you.  There is no obligation.

Call today to set up your free assessment and get started.  578-0998.



Bill Hartman

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