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Focus on the Process

written by Bill Hartman

If you’ve ever gone on a vacation, you began your trip with a destination in mind. 

Why you may have chosen that destination could be for any number of reasons.

You just needed to get away from your normal day-to-day.
You wanted to get some beach time.
You wanted to see the history at The Smithsonian Museum.
You wanted to visit relatives.

How you got there, however, was determined by a number of factors.

Could you drive yourself there?
Did you want to get there quickly or did you want to take your time and see the sites along the way?
Did you need help to get there such as taking a flight?

Your destination, or why, is the goal.

But you can’t get there without a how.

The how is the process to get you to the why.

Your why may be to get back to your sport.
Your why may be to lift and carry your grandchildren.
Your why may be to lose weight, gain muscle, or to look and feel better. 

Your focus then should be on the how.

When it comes to your fitness or rehabilitative why, the how is the process.

The process is a simple checklist.

1.  Be present

You workouts are an important appointment for yourself. Schedule them and keep them. If you’re rehabbing an injury, you do your homework exercises every day and you keep your physical therapy appointments, including your ReFit appointments if you’re making a comeback to a fitness program.

2. Be consistent with your effort

A series of good efforts or good workouts far outweigh the great workouts. Focus on the moment with good technique. Trust your IFAST coach to create the program to get you to your destination and to assure that you get there safely.

3. Be energetic

Support your efforts with sufficient sleep and good nutrition to provide the energy you need to for effective workouts and to enjoy all of your activities outside the gym. After all, that’s the real reason you come to IFAST. 

If you want to go there, it starts here. 

Get a free copy of All Gain, No Pain below and get started on your comeback today!

Bill Hartman

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