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Exercises for Lower Back Pain?

written by Bill Hartman

There really aren’t exercises specifically for lower back pain regardless of what you have heard or read.

You may have been told that you have tight hamstrings, so you should perform hamstring stretches for your lower back pain. The psoas muscle gets a lot of attention too because tight hip flexor muscles (on the front side of your hip) get blamed for back pain as well.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to truly isolate out what muscles or joints are affecting our ability to move or position ourselves comfortably. The goal is to reestablish movement at all joints to allow our body to move and adapt to any posture, position, or activity. That’s where the following exercises come into play.

These exercises are designed to restore a broad spectrum of movement throughout your body.

Take your time. Follow the instructions and focus on effective and complete exhalations and normal quite inhalations. Then enjoy the relief from muscle tension these exercises provide.


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