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Back Pain Exercises for Golfers to Improve Shoulder Turn

written by Bill Hartman

I pass by the new Top Golf in Fishers every day on my way to IFAST. Without fail, the parking lot is full no matter what time of day I pass by. It’s a beautiful looking facility that will get a tremendous amount of use.

That means a lot of golfers are taking a lot of swings.

If you read the last installment of this series, you know that lower ranking golfers don’t achieve as much shoulder turn as higher ranking golfers.

Not only does this mean poorer performance on the golf course, but it also means there’s going to be a lot of golfers with back pain needing physical therapy in Fishers, Indiana.

To avoid being one of those golfers, here are a couple simple tests that will help you determine whether you lack shoulder turn.

To assess your own shoulder turn, perform the Seated Rotation Test
This test will provide you with your baseline of shoulder turn relative to your hips.

Next, perform the Supine Rib Angle Test

This tells you which exercise you need to do to help improve your ability to turn your spine and rib cage as you swing. You’re measuring the angle of the lower ribs as it comes up to meet the sternum. The average is about 90 degrees. You may be wider than 90 or less than 90. Based on your result, pick from the following two exercises to get started.

For wider than 90 degrees, do The Pullover with Hamstrings

For narrower than 90 degrees, do The Bear

Now recheck your Seated Rotation Test.  How’d you do? How does it feel?

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Bill Hartman

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