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Ask IFAST PT: I’m a runner. Why is my big toe stiff?

written by Bill Hartman

There are many reasons why your big toe may be stiff or even painful. Sometimes there are changes in the joint like arthritis or you’ve developed a bunion.

In most cases, however, restricted movement in your big toe can be a rather simple relationship problem. A stiff big toe in runners is not uncommon, and it can occur whether you’re a supinator or a pronator.

Sometimes a simple shoe change makes a big difference. Sometimes it’s a couple of simple exercises.

The important thing to recognize is you’ve tried any number of solutions with only frustration as a result is that your foot or big toe problem may not really be a foot or toe problem. It may just be the result of a foot to body relationship problem.

Here’s a video explaining what I mean.

Bill Hartman

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