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Another Successful IFAST Intern

written by Mike Robertson

Today I wanted to share with you an e-mail that we got from our 2nd intern at IFAST, TJ Lensch.

TJ was a very sharp guy, and I knew he would be extremely successful when he got out into the real-world. Below is an e-mail that he just sent us – very cool stuff!

All the best


Hey! Hope everything at IFAST is going great!  Looks and sounds like IFAST via Facebook and the blog is going well.

As for me, this last Fall/Winter have been amazing in terms of coaching.  We made fantastic progress with football and I also was asked to take on volleyball programming which was equally as entertaining!

I guess whatever I did got noticed and the college has created a new position in which I will oversee the entire Athletics Departments Strength and Conditioning.  I’m responsible for the programming, implementing some sports while teaching and managing a few other coaches to implement the others.  I have a great opportunity to educate as there will be several students I will be managing and teaching how to implement the systems too.

They are also proposing a S&C concentration or Minor with in the department and I will have opportunity to do some more educating with in that as well.  So I just thought I would really thank both of you guys for really getting my head on the right path and really motivating me by pushing me so hard during my time spent at IFAST!  It still serves me as the greatest educational experience with out a doubt and easily the turning point in what is now my career.

Hope everything continues to grow at IFAST hopefully see you guys sometime soon.  Have a great day!

Mike Robertson

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