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A little inspiration

written by Jae Chung

Check out Kacy Catanzaro as she becomes the first woman ever to complete the finals course at the American Ninja Warrior qualifiers.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, it’s a gigantic, insanely difficult obstacle course. Catanzaro makes most of it look easy.

One of our new clients posted on Facebook: “Salmon ladder — add that to my list of goals!” Sounds good, Cathy! Explosive pull-ups followed by jumping WITH THE BAR to a higher notch… sounds like a great way to destroy my shoulders get really strong, fit, and sexy. Now we just have to convince Mike and Bill to buy one for the gym! Or build one!

Now, before anybody says that this is an incredible accomplishment “for a woman,” let me just say that completing the finals course is an accomplishment. Period. I will say that Catanzaro’s height (she’s only five feet tall) and (lack of) wingspan puts her at a distinct disadvantage for much of the course. There are a couple of moments where she has to leap from one obstacle to the next, where a taller competitor might be able to reach without leaping.

Catanzaro is a former Division I gymnast and has a ridiculous strength-to-bodyweight ratio (not to mention power, agility, balance, and coordination). She moves beautifully and efficiently through the course, and delivers some jaw-dropping moments (especially during her leaps).

I know I’m definitely going to hit the gym harder tomorrow after having watched this. Suddenly, that last set of push-ups doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Hat tip to Cathy for the video!


Jae Chung

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